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Here at Yescdr, we get out so you don't have to. We service repairs and upgrades right in your home or office, or we can pick up your computer and then bring it back to you.

This way you don't have to hassle with all the wires, cords, the computer tower, and everything else. Just let us do the work for you. We strive to give you the best quality service, and to make you feel confident in your decision to choose us for all of your computer needs.

When your computer crashes it can be a real hassle and cause a lot of stress, generally most repairs take a few hours or less. Our prices are guaranteed to be lower and our Customer service standards are Higher.

Our services include Computer hardware upgrades, Software installation and upgrades, Virus detection and removal, Internet and Networking, and much more. All at a affordable prices.
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Toll Free:  1-888-901-4802
We install internal hardware computer parts, and we install program software. We charge $30 dollars per hour, in most cases our services take less then 2 hours. We also help with upgrading your hardware components and Software programs.
A weekly service we provide for $120 a month.
Once a week we come out and clean the Inside of you computer to remove all the dust, pet hair, and any other
debris which can cause your computer to overheat or malfunction.

We also clean the the System to increase performance and  improve Start up/Shut down times.

There will also be a weekly Malware/Virus scan to remove any threats your computer may have.
Let us design your business or personal website. We use to host our website, they offer a great package with unlimited e-mail accounts.

Basic 5 Page Website $45 + $10 for each additional page.

Business Site up to 20 pages $20 each page.
Over 90% of our customers problems are Virus or Malware related.

Infected computers can decrease speed dramatically and even put your identity at risk.

We charge a Flat rate of $60 dollars no matter how long it may take.

We also show you what tools work best and which progams don't.
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